What should high-end real estate website designers pay attention to?

Real estate web design is one of the leading methods in the real estate business. To run a real estate website effectively, that website not only needs aesthetic elements, but also modernity and convenience to bring the best experience to customers.

Professional banking website design

Finance and banking are sectors that bring the strong economic development for the country. Competition between banks is inevitable as more and more banks are born and operate.

Professional, impressive petroleum website design

Designing a professional, impressive petroleum website (petrol web) will help your business increase competitiveness on online market. Let's learn how to build the most complete and impressive petrol website!

Enterprises should pay attention on these 9 notes for their web designs

In the digital age, the website is the advertising platform for brands and products that are chosen by many businesses. To gain the best experience as well as increase conversion through website, businesses need to pay attention to these 9 notes when designing the site.

Pay attention on these when you design a construction website

Web design is important for businesses operating in this area. Canh Cam will provide you with many reasons to help you recognize the importance of web design, as well as the preparations and the latest design trends that are popular.

What is a SEO website? There are things to know to get a SEO site in 2021

Along with the strong development of information technology, websites are increasingly popular to meet the needs of promoting products and business information to customers. One of the top criteria when it comes to web design is "SEO standards." So, what is the actual SEO website design? How should we understand about it?

6 simple steps for website design

Are you planning to design a website on your own? It may sound difficult, but it's pretty simple if you know how to design the web that Cánh Cam guides you below. With just only 6 steps, you will easily deploy all the essential elements of a website, suitable for those who are new to web design.

Web design for education and schools

In the digital age, the use of a website to search for and update information is commonly used. This is also the reason that the website is becoming more popular. For the design of educational websites, schools are also a necessity nowadays.

What is User Flows? There are 6 tips for you to build User Flows effectively

User Flows is one of the factors that directly influences the user experience and the conversion rate of your website. If you haven't known what User Flows is like, let's take a look at the example below so that you can get a better understanding of User Flows as well as how to improve and take advantage of it.

15 tips for optimizing website performance

Besides designing a website that makes a brand impression, optimizing website performance is always considered a top priority when developing and maintaining a website, especially when there are too many competitors on the online channel.


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