By using an innovative approach that combines pioneering technology and high quality management standards, Canh Cam shines you up with the revenue growth & the awareness as what you need.


Quick understanding, prompt action.

Before deploying any project, we spend time examining the goal, motivation and request. All positions within Cánh Cam’s Company from designing department to programming department join in the whole process of each project including presenting as well as first examining.

  • Set the goal and KPI index.
  • Analyze media channels.
  • Analyze competitors.
  • Analyze target customers.
  • Interact with users.


Time is the most precious resource of any corporation.

Therefore, detailed planning is considered essential. Cánh Cam will let the clients participate in this vital planning process, so that we can together share information related to the project and also discuss the possible risks in advance.

  • Make plans for the project and content.
  • Identify users and their buying stages.
  • Clarify and structure information.
  • List out possible solutions.


Break all the usual rules.

Cánh Cam understands that the target users are the ones who make up to the effect and succeed of a website. Therefore, we always take the initiative to approach the hidden desires of users and form an overall picture. This helps us create a completely new and different design compared to competitors. At the same time, we ensure the UX, UI value for users; helping your enterprise to become different and outstanding.

  • Identify target customers.
  • Capture the strength of the brand and their products.
  • Shape the style, trend, highlight point and outstanding features.
  • Design graphical interface.
  • Create effect and mobile interaction.


Turn every idea into reality.

Cánh Cam creates specialized web applications that are compatible for all of your demand. We apply the latest technologies to improve the effect, head for the innovation and have the competitive advantages. With a specialized application, you can bring breakthroughs into the market, boost selling activities, cut off on operating costs and improve productivity.

  • Identify features and hand over the design idea.
  • Set the programming structure.
  • Customize appropriate effects and features.
  • Update fundamental contents.


Content is the heart of any website.

A beautifully designed website is not enough! In fact, the most important thing is to meet the needs of customers that are marketing contents and experiences on products or services on online channels. In every project, Cánh Cam always starts from planning methodical content strategies including purposes, goals and ways to success. Thanks to the impressive contents, your products or services will be delivered to the customers in a detailed, friendly, concise and different way compared to competitors.

  • Plan contents and identify keywords.
  • Create and write contents.
  • Optimize search engines.
  • Apply into web design.


Enjoy what you deserve.

When you choose Cánh Cam, you can completely rest assured that your business will have a worthy website and a stable position in the market. We will always be ready to be your companion in your business’ future development.

  • Discuss with the client’s technical department about the official setting.
  • Provide client with the original file source.
  • Periodically update latest technology tips.
  • Maintain the system after operation.
Every cooperation starts with a conversation. Contact us, we can meet all your needs.