What should high-end real estate website designers pay attention to?

What should high-end real estate website designers pay attention to?

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    Real estate web design is one of the leading methods in the real estate business. To run a real estate website effectively, that website not only needs aesthetic elements, but also modernity and convenience to bring the best experience to customers. Let's analyze why real estate companies need a website? What would a professional real estate website need? The best real estate websites designed by Canh Cam.

    Real estate website design and its necessity

    1. Increase the brand's credibility

    Uy tín thương hiệu

    The undisputed benefits of website design are not only for real estate businesses but also for everyone. The website will be the place to show all the information about the business, services, products. A professionally designed website will build great trust in the customers bottom of hearts.

    2. Easy customer access

    The website has a great advantage in reaching customers, users currently have the habit of using online channels to refer to information, buy, and you can take advantage of this to be able to "open" your business 24/7 to increase the opportunity to reach customers regardless of the time, no matter where they are, everything will be more convenient than ever.

    3. Build up the relationship between customers and businesses

    With the ability to update information quickly on the website, plus being able to link to the social networking sites of the business helps customers quickly update information about projects and promotions from your business. Thereby creating interaction between customers and businesses to increase the relationship with them.

    A professional real estate website and its components:

    1. Responsive website design

    Nowadays, the number of website users on mobile devices is much more than ones using computers. If your website doesn't provide good support for mobile devices, doesn't make it easy for customers to access website using a phone or tablet, you're a step slower than current trends. Phones and tablets will have a much smaller screen than a computer, along with finger-to-finger compatibility, so website needs to be tailored to deliver the best customer experience. This is the key to determining the success of a professional real estate website.

    2. Keeping users

    For a real estate website, the effectiveness of the website is not measured by the traffic, clicks, but it is also calculated by the conversion rate of customers. From an ordinary visitor to a new customer and from this new customer can become a loyal customer and bring long-term results. To do this, your website needs a professional website design team, experienced in website design to design a website that can increase the contact rate, leave information, or maybe also make a purchase.

    3. Projects information page

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    Real estate is something expensive for many people, so it will take them a lot of time to research thoroughly before making a decision. Therefore, you need to have a page that fully expresses the information of the projects, users can rely on it and refer to all the information they need, this page must also be designed to be eye-catching, sharp, clear images with detailed information, so that customers can quickly close their decisions.

    4. Search engine

    Designing construction webs, as well as professional real estate ones, the search engine is more than just a box for customers to fill in and press "Enter". It must meet the needs of a person when choosing real estate: price, location, utilities, ... This will make it easier for your customers to find the right property for them.

    5. Customer feelings

    This is an indispensable part not only for real estate websites but almost all websites provide services and products. The products’ information of your company, you can not completely have your customers trust, so it is necessary to have information about the reviews and feelings of customers who have used the product, helping you build more trust for customers. This is also important for restaurant and school website design; it can be said that this is a necessary element in every website.

    6. Useful resources

    Resources play a crucial role but is often forgotten on real estate websites. This will provide useful documents on real estate projects and markets, etc. These are documents that customer looks for to learn more about your projects or business.

    The best real estate websites by Canh Cam:

    1. Masteri

    Website Masteri

    The website system is professionally designed, bringing differences, demonstrating the class and outstanding characteristics of the project segments that bring a superior difference compared to competitors in real estate.

    2. Dat Xanh Group

    Website bất động sản Đất Xanh

    With a modern web design but suitable for each project concept that Dat Xanh brings, each website from Canh Cam highlights the differences, helping Dat Xanh increase the power of Online Marketing in the online market and help Dat Xanh mark in the hearts of customers more than competitors.

    3. Novaland

    Website tập đoàn bất động sản Novaland

    The newly launched web interface expresses the modern spirit, combined with the green color of the brand representing a fresh living space, full of vitality and close to nature often seen by Novaland's apartment products. The website also possesses some outstanding features such as: integrated with social networks, automatically updates latest news, information registration forms, etc.

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