Web design for education and schools

Web design for education and schools

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    In the digital age, the use of a website to search for and update information is commonly used. This is also the reason that the website is becoming more popular.

    For the design of educational websites, schools are also a necessity nowadays. Keeping up to date with important school information so parents can learn about school activities more quickly. However, how does an education website run best? To answer this question, let's find out with Canh Cam through the following information.

    Web design for education, schools, and its necessity

    In modern times, updating information needs to be fast and accurate.

    Previously, information about schools and education was only communicated internally or by telephone.

    However, in the age of advanced technology, websites are used continuously throughout the day. Having an educational website design will help parents get useful information about the school as well as new information.

    In addition, this also brings more advantages in the connection between the school and parents. Parents can learn how their children's learning and activities play out in school quickly.

    Understanding the need for a detailed school and education website design, let's consult with Canh Cam for the following reasons.

    Educational website makes it convenient for everyone

    Educational website makes it convenient for everyone

    1. Innovation in the digital age

    Nowadays, almost all organizations and government units design separate websites such as: construction, real estate, restaurant etc. This brings cutting-edge innovation and gives people access to information more quickly than traditional ways.

    The interfaces of a website will help schools update all their information more accurately and quickly. Items categorized by section are more convenient for searching.

    2. The connection between the school and the parents

    Previously, the connection between the school and the parent was only through telephone or texts, letters sent to homes. However, this costs a lot of money as well as longer time.

    For educational website design, the school will bring convenience in connecting parents and schools quickly. Parents can find out the latest information updated by the school on the website's homepage.

    In addition, with a simple interface and handy information search sections will help parents get a lot of useful information about their children's learning. Parents can also comment and exchange information with the school to improve the quality.

    3. For the convenience of students

    Currently with educational websites, schools often update on school schedules, timetables, constant changes. Therefore, students will have their school schedule more convenient.

    In addition to the school schedule, the school's academic results are also updated on the school's website. Therefore, students will soon know the results of their studies and exams.

    4. Share, search for useful learning information

    Designing educational websites, schools today also help students can search for their learning materials more quickly. The search for learning materials through the school's website will provide the most accurate information.

    In addition, students can exchange information about their learning through the school's website to learn better.

    5. Teachers understand their teaching schedules

    Teachers can also know how their teaching schedule is through the design of the school website. This gives more convenience for teachers to schedule during the week and month.

    Essentials of a school website

    School websites must be simple, present the information, layout correctly and clearly. The interface of the school website needs to create convenience in updating and searching for information.

    In addition, a school website needs to update the information accurately and regularly so that people can update as quickly as possible. Words need to ensure sophistication and clarity for people to grasp.

    Educational website must ensure basic features

    Educational website must ensure basic features

    To get the best school website, there must be important elements and features when designing a website. These features will create convenience for visitors as well as the manager of the website. Let's learn these useful and necessary features as follows:

    Online support

    Online support feature appears in most sites. This makes it possible for visitors to live chat, exchange information directly with the school. It usually appears in the right corner of the website.

    Search feature

    Searching is one of the things people do regularly when visiting a website. For school websites, searches for information are frequent. Therefore, searching is an indispensable feature for school websites.

    Website administration features

    Updating and managing websites is important, especially school websites that need to be updated regularly. That's why website administration is a very necessary feature. In addition to this, the feature also allows the decentralization of members of the website for the convenience of management.

    Linking to social networks

    Social media is familiar to everyone. The amount of traffic on social media in one day is huge. Therefore, school website design should use the social networking feature so that people can link and get information more quickly

    Information about school schedules, teaching schedules

    School schedules and teaching schedules are the two most essential information of a school website design. This allows teachers to know their teaching schedule as well as students to update their school schedule correctly.

    Information about school

    School information is also one of the things that many people are interested in. With information, introduction to the school will help people know the time of operation of the school and detailed information about the school.

    Get feedbacks

    In addition to other useful features, feedback is also needed for the school. Through this feature, parents can comment and leave feedbacks which the school uses to improve the quality.

    Some webs made by Canh Cam

    Canh Cam is trusted by huge corporations as well as companies. Through projects, Canh Cam brings up professional, modern and convenient designs for them.

    FPT University

    FPT University website

    FPT University website

    Canh Cam has designed the most complete school website for FPT University. This is the most convenient and complete educational website in the system of educational and school websites.

    Through the website design from Canh Cam, the interface of the university becomes more professional and modern, attracting a lot of attention of new students. In addition, updating useful information is done simply and quickly.

    With the desire to bring satisfaction to customers, CanhCam learns and exploits the information correctly to create a more dynamic, convenient, and useful school website interface.

    Viet Anh International School

    Viet Anh International School website

    Viet Anh International School website

    Viet Anh International School stands out for its dark blue and white website interface. This is a color that is familiar to most students. This color gives prominence to the school's logo design as well as in line with the look of the school that we have designed.

    After several exchanges and plans, we have embarked on the design of a professional website for Viet Anh International School. With the desire to change, create better interoperability and exchange useful information between schools and parents, Canh Cam has given the school a website design as expected.

    Useful features are updated quickly, the interface is simple to help teachers access more quickly. In addition, the exchange of information and learning about the school's activities with parents is carried out conveniently.

    This innovation has received positive feedbacks from the school as well as parents for us. Running the website, the school can bring more useful information.

    In the digital age, website design is very important. Especially with school websites, educational websites is essential. Education and school websites help people to update information quickly, the exchange between schools, parents and students is more convenient than before. Schools now have their own website.

    Canh Cam - A Web Design Agency in HCM. With the desire to bring customers great experiment while surfing the Internet, we confidently bring different designs to create unique brand for everyone, company and enterprise.

    Holding a leadership role in the company, I want to contribute to increasing the chances of competing with Vietnamese brands through the magic door of the internet.

    CEO Hứa Thiện Vương


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