Makes online sales of TECHZONES much more efficient

Makes online sales of TECHZONES much more efficient

Techzones specialized in providing all kinds of electronic devices and accessories such as computers, smart watches, speakers etc. from many famous brands all over the world. At Techzones, customers can get high quality products with competitve price. Further more, Techzones also wants to use website to get closer to customers.

Customer thought

  • Website strategy
  • User interface and effects development (Front - end development)
  • Responsive design (Website Responsive Design)
  • Content Management System (CMS)
  • E-Commerce
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Techzones desires bringing products to all customers

Techzones is a well-known electronics brand that delivers products and has a lot of customers. Online marketing is used instead of delivering their products to large showrooms to "break" their safety zone. Not only do they provide high-quality products, but they also take care of customers thoroughly when there are questions about products. It is clear that Techzones needs a new website for e-commerce. Techzones can manage all orders, customer information without any support from website management parties and in a strictly confidential manner. The out-of-the-box feature helps us go further other competitors.

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Techzones - An E-Commerce website

There are a lot of E-Commer websites in a given region and Techzones needs to be different. Canh Cam is a website design agency with 15 years of experience, we created minimalism style, dynamic and powerful website In addition, we built a management system that enables Techzones to self-operate and manage everything, from orders, customers and promotion policies as well as customer care. Black and blue are two dominant colors combine with the strength, black and blue are also Techzones’s brand awareness, it makes the company totally different from other sites of competitors. With separate catalogs and the product display feature blocks will help customers easily find out information and choose suitable products.

Website transfer to Techzones

Techzones E-Commerce website available on search engines is the result of the collaboration between Techzones and Canh Cam from the beginning. After the website has been running for a while, Techzones has received a lot of positive feedbacks from customers and ít revenue has grown sharply after that. Bringing our brand and products closer to all customers is also the desire of Techzones and Canh Cam helped us achieve it. Any website which is created by Canh Cam actually a whole process to design a website that surpasses the customer's needs, Canh Cam deserves with the name "The professional Website Design Agency " in Ho Chi Minh City.

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