Tokyo Deli Sushi restaurant system was formed based on the close cooperation between Okamura Foods Company - Japan (a famous company in Japan in the field of farming, processing and distributing seafood products in Japan in Japan). Japan and Europe) and Trung Son Food Joint Stock Company (with over 15 years of experience in the field of farming, processing and exporting high-class seafood to the Japanese market).
  • Web strategy
  • User effect & interface development (front-end dev)
  • Content Management System (CMS) Development
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This change, Tokyo Deli not only redo the design of the previous website. But also synchronized and developed 4 more websites from corporate brand website to e-commerce website and developed a new array of calendars targeting B2B customers.

Going along with the development direction. In this, through the exchange and consensus between the two teams in the process of understanding and planning and orienting the project - Tokyo deli has agreed on the need for a common identity as well as the transition between the projects. brands together, stimulating customers' curiosity about the services and products Tokyo Deli offers.


Behind the success of the Tokyo Deli brand chain, the name Tan Viet Nhat is a combination of Okamura Foods Company – Japan (A famous company in Japan in the field of farming, processing and distributing seafood products in Japan and Europe) and Trung Son Food Joint Stock Company (with over 15 years of experience) experience in farming grow, process and export high-class seafood for the Japanese market).

Thanks to the application of advanced management methods according to food hygiene and safety standards throughout from input materials to processing & served, as well as supported by the worldwide production and supply system of materials.

For B2B units and partners to better understand the Tokyo Deli brand in particular and back-end operating company in general. The implementation of website design for the parent company is also one of the strategies of Tokyo Deli. 

With the desire to bring an overview to its partners and customers about the activities. services that Tan Viet Nhat brings. Through the website to introduce the brand.


Visit Tokyo Deli Sushi website - With the mission of introducing services dining, space of restaurant chains that Tokyo provides.

True to the orientation of the brand chain right from the early days of its establishment, “TOKYO Deli Sushi restaurant chain was born with the desired ambition. introduce authentic Japanese cuisine to become "familiar" to Vietnamese people, and at the same time, a place to experience new and interesting Japanese cuisine with family, friends and colleagues." - And also one of the main and core business activities that make Tokyo Deli's brand today.

Mainly in website design for this restaurant chain, Tokyo Deli wants to introduce not only the food served at the restaurant but also the culture and atmosphere. time for each location, separate store location. Suitable for all audiences from retail customers, to spaces reserved for families or meetings, conferences, entertaining customers. 

With the motto of bringing values ​​and satisfying satisfactions. all expectations of customers when it comes to Japanese food in general and Tokyo Deli Sushi brand in particular.


A new service segment of Tokyo Deli brand with customers as B2B and the need to expand the market when it comes to providing meals for schools, companies, parties, .. but still ensuring enough quality and value in each menu.

Still ensuring the consistency throughout the websites of the same brand, Catering Canh Cam emphasizes the image and design focusing on food and quality. . Giving users first of all trust through true but equally eye-catching images. Second, is to provide sufficient and clear information about the quality of the food and the wrong menu to push customers to pick up the phone and call Tokyo Deli immediately.


It can be said that in the implementation and implementation websites, Tokyo Deli Home is The website takes the most time and effort between the two teams during the implementation process.

Because it is an e-commerce website with features that are not only convenient for its customers but also suitable with the delivery and shipping policies of not only customer service, but also product coordination from branch stores.

It's not just a story of connecting API but also a story of operating system, CRM, SCM,... 

It's a story not only about website design for modern interfaces but equally clear and user-friendly, but also a story about combination feature.


A website modified from the old interface, adding similar elements with the rest of the websites. The goal of this website is to introduce to users a combination of Tokyo Deli and online ordering apps such as Shopee food, gojek, Baemin, .. - With the desire to connect the Tokyo Deli Japanese restaurant system with everyone.


Canh Cam - Website design company in HCM confidently brings different designs to create a brand for customers. each individual, each company, each business with the desire to bring a great experience to customers when surfing the web.


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