Sunshine Equipment - The professional kitchen appliances solution

Sunshine Equipment - The professional kitchen appliances solution

With the intention to become the leading company in providing fully efficient solutions for the food industry, from high-quality goods to the best services, the Sunshine Group is making the best efforts to respond to the needs of all customers and to grow the food industry in Vietnam and Cambodia.

  • Website strategies
  • User interface and effects development (front-end development)
  • Responsive Design (Website Responsive Design)
  • Content Management System development (CMS)


As a long-standing business in the industry, Sunshine specialized in providing hi-tech kitchen appliances solutions with the smart, delicate, luxurious, high-fashion features all over Vietnam. However, in the Digital Age (4.0), we realize that having structured branding will make it easy for customers to find us, one of the advantages that Sunshine has to offer. That's why we chose Canh Cam – they definitely bring us unique website designs, as well as convey the story we 'd love our customers to understand..


We are not only a supplier of kitchen appliances, but also more. Sunshine gives you the correct support that suits your business orientation with our expertise, produces the right products, preserves them and also helps you train and improve human resources with food industry specialists.

We realized that we’ve missed many potential customers on online market because of the old website. Especially, in the Digital Age, website is one of the most essential tools for the development of marketing online.

With the designs, we would love to show two things, namely, the potency and value, bring a more professional branding, but also develop revenue in the online market.

Cánh Cam thiết kế webiste cho Sunshine Equipment ảnh 1


After receiving Sunshine 's needs for website growth, Canh Cam and Sunshine have agreed to create two websites, one for the Sunshine Group and the other for e-commerce.

Cánh Cam thiết kế webiste cho Sunshine Equipment ảnh 2

For the Group website, we concentrate on the services Sunshine offers to clients, on the ventures Sunshine has undertaken, in addition to being recognized as the supplier of kitchen appliances.

We found that the B2Bs are Sunshine 's customers. The web design orientation of the website is therefore a big hit on the Sunshine brand, with the real quality projects they have put in place, positioning their position in the industry.

With e-commerce website, Canh Cam focuses on B2Cs, which means on products, promotions and policies for retailers and wholesalers. We aim to expand the business range on online market, making it easy for their customers to look up prices and get a deeper insight into every product feature Sunshine offers.


With years of experience in the industry, Canh Cam needs to show the robustness, solidity and reliability throughout the Sunshine website design process.

In addition, their products are machines and kitchen appliances should naturally not be able to achieve color, shape or softness such as websites in the field of fashion, toys, ...

Combined with a dark red color from the logo, we chose a black-grey color combined with a strong white color to give the Corp site the strength but not to make it dark. And a slight red dot for the price icon for the Ecommerce site.

Although 2 websites differ in their objectives and features, we will not focus on brand colors so as not to create the impression that these are two websites of two different brands. The main objective is still to impress and mark the Sunshine brand in the hearts of all users of the website.


The Sunshine Equipment website officially operatesafter a long period of work, ideas and exchanges in order to achieve the best results. Nowadays, the website has been running on an ongoing basis, which has not only gradually established Sunshine 's brand position in the industry where the e-commerce website has also provided a source of good revenue and stability according to Sunshine's development plan.

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Canh Cam - A Web Design Agency in HCMC, we are proud to be able to offer different designs to different brands, as well as to bring great experience to our customers.


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