FPT New Web - Attracting freshmen

FPT New Web - Attracting freshmen

Bringing traffic and leaving customer information in incredible quantities has created a new buzz of FPT University - under FPT Corporation when put into operation with a new website consulted and undertaken by Canh Cam. The school's staff also found it much easier to find information, facilitate presentation to students with domestic and international prospects, and increased sympathy for users.

Customer thought

  • Website strategy
  • User interface and effects development (front-end development)
  • Content Management System development (CMS)
Website https://hcmuni.fpt.edu.vn/


FPT University - Towards an effective foreign standard education solution and a massive information block planning of the university, it is desirable to have a complete website full of information of the school as well as an easy-to-use interface to search for all information about the school. To meet all needs, Canh Cam has provided professional website design services to fully meet the requirements of "Group Standards" and bring satisfaction to users.

Cánh Cam thiết kế website cho đại học FPT ảnh 1

What is a good site for the Corporation?

Canh Cam has planned in detail for each item to create an interface of FPT University website standardized according to Flat Design design standards with orange - white dominant color tone bringing the similarity and imprint of FPT Corporation in general and FPT University in particular. The harmonious layout arrangement, order of blocks to rest points, details bring a delicate and unique look to websites such as FPT University to increase the user experience. In particular, with a responsive design website compatible with all devices from PC, Tablet to Mobile to bring users the most perfect experience.

Cánh Cam thiết kế website cho đại học FPT ảnh 2

Amazing Results

A multi-utility and the most complete website in the current system of education websites. With the website design of the university website to bring convenience to the staff but also help students and students easily know new information from courses, subject registration, specialization .... In the early days of operation, FPT University's website has received a lot of positive words when bringing to the field of education a new and dynamic style and this can be considered as a breakthrough when designing websites in the field of education in Vietnam. Creating a good website and being appreciated by customers is always what we want. Canh Cam always wants to create the best products and above all, help customers satisfied with the goal set when making a website.

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Canh Cam - Web Design Agency in HCMC, we are proud to be able to offer different designs to different brands, as well as to bring great experience to our customers.


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The quality of the services and web design that Canh Cam brings to each project please us. We chose Canh Cam for many other future projects.


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